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5:07 a.m. - September 10, 2003
Brain Dead & a Stretch Rant
Here I am sitting in front of the computer and there is NOTHING in my brain. My creative self needs a jump start I am thinking.

Not looking to forward to work today. I am still pondering why I am working there since I dont "do" anything. This really is the most useless job. I need to get off my ass and find another one. I am pretty comfy there but hell I really dont have a reason to be there. Its maddening.

SJ came back from Hawaii and I got to talk to him alot yesterday. (dancing a jig in a happy way). He is wicked busy and I would love to be able to see him but Ill wait. He sent me all his pics from the trip. Very cool.

I am so ready for the weekend. Not that there is anything huge planned, BUT, I can at least not get up at 5 AM. And I dont hafta work on the car this weekend either. I think I did too much car therapy last week but the brakes still dont squeal and the fuel lines are done and for that I am happee.

I think Stretch has lost his mind. He IM'd me last night when I was offine telling me I should be home. What the HELL? WHAT does it matter if I am home or not? He doesnt wanna date me so he shouldnt care where the fuck I am. (I feel a rant coming on.) I dont know what to do about him. He tells me he doesnt like me for more than a friend but If I am not accessible it seems he gets edgy. He dates these nasty girls and tells me about them. Then he tells me he was just doing it so he could get laid but there physical flaws turned him off. (Stress Crack) I dont care what he does. He told me we are just friends. But I dont think if him in the kinda "friend" way that I wanna hear about all his promisquity. Yea I do like him but since our verbal "episode" I am kinda over the whole thing. I have NO INTENTION of sackin him again ever. Plus I have other "things" going on. If he thinks he can woo me back to the place we were before he is soooooo mistaken. Okay I am gonna file this issues cuz it really isnt a "thing" anymore.

Well I need to get presentable and shit so off I go to washyland.


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