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5:33 a.m. - September 10, 2003
Litigation Plans
I did forget something kinda Journal worthy. Hasta do with the wreck last year.

It appears we are gonna go to litigation...Stupid Stupid old bitch. She ran me off the road. She admitted it on the police report and there are witnesses all say the same thing. The insurance company coughed up for me to get much more do you need to say "IT"S MY FAULT????"

Well I get all this crapola in the mail from the lawyers. All these questions and demands for me to give them all this documentation. I am scheduled for a deposition on Nov. 18th. Oh my head.

Well you are prolly sayin SO WHAT??? Well the prollem is that they wanna get depositions from EVERYONE that was around, saw or interacted with me that day or the days after the wreck. OKay lets THINK...who was I JUST SPLITTING UP WITH??? Yep the JEW.

Life without him was finally streamlined and good and NOW I hafta contact him and ask for his help. Does the madness ever end? I just want a fun happee life without him in it. And I was there...Oh my head.

Well I did email him and unbelieveably enough he was NICE to me and told me he would be more than happy to testify on my behalf. Holy shit. Not that I would expect him to be rude to me but I kinda figgered that he just wouldnt reply or I would get this whole...'Gimme the lawyers name and Ill contact them' shit from him.

His last couple of emails have been decent. And so have mine. I guess my healing is done OR the subconcience accupuncture D did to me really worked. Who knows but I can tell you this, I am ready for Darlene Frances Kean to PAY for what she did to me...and I hope in the future she plans ahead and also re-evaluates how BAD she need to go to the MALL.

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