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5:15 a.m. - September 12, 2003
Prison Break...Thanks Boss!!!
People never cease to amaze me. I get to work yesterday and Slave Driver assists in rescuing Punkin from car prison. Yep handed me the bills to take care of the charges. Of course I will pay him back but damn, that came outta no where. Guess I should start being more productive for him at work huh? Nice guy...yea he steps over the line from time to time but hey for the most part he is a pretty stand up guy.

Text message from SJ yesterday. He had practice last night. Didnt hear from him tho. No big it was prolly late and if he is like me he was dog ass tired. He has a gig tonight.

Am supposed to go to Habana tonight. I dont know if I am quite in the mood tho. Havent seen Mon for a while and i think she will be there ... also Hamster is supposed to go too. Might see if Stretch wants to go. One last time with him "socially" before he meets the girl he has a thing for this "teacher". He is alot like me and wil pick her apart tho I am sure.

Wont see Sass this weekend. I guess her social circle is expanding, and she is totally booked. No big I dont guess. Suz is coming back next week ***thank the gods***so Ill prolly be goin out with her alot. We have tix to Def Leppard and Radiohead. It'll be fun.

I am so damn glad its friday. I am listening to Faster Pussycat...have I mentioned how much I love that band???

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