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9:16 a.m. - September 14, 2003
Saturday Recap
Oh what a night...The band was awesome!!!

I picked up Rica at 8 and we headed down to Hurricanes to see SJ and the boys play. D bailed out but I kinda figgered that was coming. No big it was better that she did cuz she wouldnt of liked it anyways. She isnt into crowds too much and by 10:30 it was elbows to assholes. I really feel fortunate that I met Rica. SHe is young but totally fun and cute. I needed a new friend and she has just lived here 5 weeks...she is a total doll...

SJ looked soooooo Uber-Great and his smile and charm just exudes sexiness. He actually introduced me to some of his friends and that was awesome. Rica said we looked good together and I kinda think so too but I dont wanna get to over zealous. BUT I did take my ad off of Matchmaker. :)

I got a voice mail from Pop Tart yesterday. He, I swear, is a head case. Got on the tele with me, and this time he is on the hang up call issue again. He actually thinks that me and all my friends are going to Savon and calling him from the payphone and hanging up. THAT is prolly the most ridiculous shit I have ever heard in my entire life. So while he was going 100 mph at me I said. If I was such a pain in the ass then why does he keep bothering with me? The guy is a fruit loop. He says that I should just tell him the truth and he can handle it and we can put it all behind us. DUDE I AM TELLING YOU THE TRUTH ...I AM NOT CALLING AND HANGING UP ON YOU AND NEITHER ARE MY FRIENDS. The thing is he doesnt want the truth...he wants to hear what he thinks is the truth. EGAD

Okay so I am gonna go wax Punkin and then maybe go to the store to get something for the grill. Or Not. I may post more lyrics in a bit for how I feel about SJ...he is the awesomest... I just wish he had more time. But Ill wait.


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