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9:40 a.m. - September 15, 2003
Soap Box Rant
So amazing to me how people just act ridiculous. I am at work so this will be short but I gotta get it out before it eats me up.

I met this guy...on the net...***not naming the puppy***We got along okay even tho I new from the start we werent "match". I kinda tried to tell him that I knew we would be friends. I also told him about the guy I was interested in (SJ). He still wanted to meet.

Well anyways we (me and cyclops) asked him to join for drinks friday. He showed. And thats cool. He had said alot he was sheltered and need to get out more. So here ya go, my bar, my friends...just a bundle of fun...

Now I am a social butterfly and keeping me centered after a few is hard to do...Plus if you read back I was "rummed" out friday...and of course I "shuffled". But I didnt think too much of it...Cyclops and the guy were talking and he was sitting in a corner talking to gals that were not with me anyways. No harm no foul...hey maybe he might hook up...good for him...

Well it appears to me that he had a bit of an interface with cyclops...and she was kinda diggin him and now because he thinks I am an ass...he wont have anything to do with her...I think thats shitty...she isnt me...and what is a gal supposed to think when a guy shows interest and then balks because the girl he originally went to see was a flit?

Look, see he thinks I am an ass cuz I got drunk and jetted...but is he any less of an ass for interfacing with my friend and then being a dick to her after the fact becuase I wasnt interested in him "that" way?...blame it on alcohol there buddy? We were all drunk..shit happens...hold on to it? NO let it go. Write it off to an expense night and go on. She liked him...I mean I think she did and I know she is disappointed in his behavior just as much as he is in mine. Two wrongs dont make a right.

For the record I tried to apologize..he was a jerk when he wrote back...a self centered jerk for that matter. And how he coulda thought he and I woulda ever gone anywhere is beyond me...he kept saying I was "colorful". Honestly...I dont read that as a compliment at all. I am glad I am grown up enuf to be able to not judge people and dont think that because one person let me down that all people are the same. I guess that comes from a "colorful" life and really living. ADVICE to this guy? yep...get out from behind the PC more. Love people for who they are not what you expect them to be. Never ASSUME...and enjoy the moment ...cuz you never get it back. I hate cliche' but...Dont let one bad apple spoil the bunch...just makes you look repressed and shallow....

Anyways...back to my friends...and adventure....sorry for the soap box rant.


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