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5:05 a.m. - September 16, 2003
Monday Night FOO BALL
Here I am easin into a Tuesday. Not alot to say about Tuesday except it is so much closer to Friday than Monday.

I went to Shooters with Rica last night to watch Monday Night football. The Cowboys were playing the Giants. I care so little about both those teams that I could have a gun to my head and I couldnt tell you who won. Now if the Vikes were playin...Well THAT would be another story.

Nothing overly exciting to report about that lil adventure. I went with her to see some guy she has a "thing" for. He's cute and after he loosened up he seemed okay. He was a little boring to me but they looked good together. He makes her smile and thats all that matters.

There were these guys there having a drawing for a free membership at 24 hour fitness...what a joke. All they want is you to fill out this card so they can call and bother the shit outta you. Dude came over to me to have me fill out this form. RIIIIIIIIGHT. Like I would ever go to the gym. When I told him no I wasnt interested you would thought someone put a fire poker thru his foot. I guess no one ever had the balls to say "I WONT SET FOOT IN A GYM". Look this is California...why not ride your bike, walk or rollerskate OUTSIDE???And it was so obvious what he was up to cuz when I blew him off he was all over Rica flirting and shit. This dork told us he ripped all his muscles in his abdomen and that was why he was "fatter" than he should be. My thought? Dude ...lay off the fritos and go walk...there are other forms of exercise than "pumping iron". Fuckin Moron. THEN when Rica didnt win the FREE membership fatty and his co-hort came over and the other dude tried the "ya know I think like you do this is just a job for right now for me" approach. HELLLLLOOOOO that wont work either...please exit stage left...BORED NOW...BUH BYE. sheesh.

I am so staying home tonight. I dont wanna go anywhere...thats not true ...If SJ called and wanted to go do something I would be all over THAT. But thats a given huh? He is a Vikes fan too. I gotta check on the Aerosmith concert tix ...I want to go with HIM. Suz will be back this weekend, THANK THE GODS, and things should be back on track with the concert schedule.

Got wierd emails from Pop Tart AGAIN. DUDE let this go. He wants me to admit that me and my friends are going to payphones and calling him and hanging up. I didnt and neither did they. I told him what he wanted to hear and told him AGAIN to leave me alone. I think I am going to do what Cyclops says and quit responding to any of his lame attempts to stir me up. SO TIRED OF IT.

I hafta get all the pictures of my battered self together and mail them to the lawyer today. Damn that hurts to even look at.

Okay so I am rambling again so I guess I am gonna jet and get ready for another day of doin alot of nothin.




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