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5:03 a.m. - September 19, 2003
Hamsters and the Plot to Get Me
I swear they are plotting my demise. Those baby hamsters. The mom wants out of the cage very bad and they all stare at me when I go to check on them. Something is up I just cant figure out what. I can tell you this...they are gone next week. I have had enuf hamster babies to last me a lifetime.

Thank the gods friday is here. I get to see SJ tonight and for that I am happee. I gotta print ye old MAP to Yorba Linda. I think it is gonna be fun. Rica and I are gonna go eat, drink and have fun.

I get a new dishwasher today. Yippee. Oh and speaking of household stuff...I was cleaning and decided to put the bikes in the geeraj since the Bible Beater has moved. (kinda tired of them in the kitchen). Anyway I looked like SHIT. SERIOUSLY. And this Hottie guy is in my yard on his cell trying to find out abut Bible Beaters old apartment. So I showed him the apartment. Wicked cute and sweet. Now I would have NO PROBLEM sharing a geeraj with him...maybe he could help me change my oil..HA!!! Damn I hope the Key Master rents to him ...OH HELL YEA! Nothin like a hottie upstairs.

Talked to a new friend on the tele last night. Dude is a singer/salesman that lives in florida. Why he would wanna talk to me is BEYOND me. But he is funny and cool. And if he comes to Cal I wont have a prollem hanging out wth him a bit. Florida is far but no big really. I dont really think about that. He called me back last night but I think I was passed out. I am a wuss. Oh and I took sleeping pills. HA!

I got into ANOTHER fight with Stretch yesterday. I think I prolly need to cut the ties with him. Things are getting to wierd and tensions are high for some reason. I think I may just hafta back out of "socializing" with him for a whle. he is real defensive about this teacher chick that he hasnt met and his "digs" on me have started to get to me. I al also tired of all convo's with him going into him wanting to have sex with me. DUDE..I AM NOT HAVING RECREATIONAL SEX ANYMORE...I told him why and he needs to be a little more considerate. It isnt often I meet someone that makes me wanna "stop" playin the field. Oh well. Plus I think the capper is that its always about HIM. I told him I meditated the other night and went to see my spirit guides and he asked me what they said about him.. AGAIN it isnt always about YOU..they were MY guides. All they told me was that there was no future for he and I. Well that is kinda obvious isnt it? Geezus.

Talked to CK on the tele last night. he was in rare form. Ranting about AT&T and customer service. I miss him. He has alot of "shit" going on and I wish I could help. He shuts people out and kinda becomes the martyr over issues sometimes. I think the bike wreck has taken a HUGE toll on him...mentally as well as physically. Poor little pookie. My hearts there for ya baby.

Suz called again last night she was at the Hooters in Oklahoma City. She is 1/2 way home... I can tell by talking to her she is gonna need to go out. Being on a tour bus for 3 weeks has gotta make you MENTAL. I know it would me. I dont care who I am on tour with. FUCK THAT SHIT. Come home girl...

Anyways as I said I am Uber-Excited about going out tonight. I think its gonna be a decent weekend. well at least I plan on it starting out that way anyhow. I actually have "work" to do today so I am sure the day will ZIP by.

Well off to shower land. I dont think it would be kosher to be late AGAIN today. YIKES

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