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6:14 p.m. - September 21, 2003
Weekend Update
I am tired again...figgers huh?

Lets see here is the weekend update:

Friday night I went to Yorba Linda to see SJ's band play at Canyon Inn. Now that bar is like the place where the trailer park kings and queens go to hang out. The band was good. SJ was acting a little wierd so we jammed before the last set. No big we will see what happens now.

Saturday Rica and I got up and threw my bike in the back of the truck and headed to her house. THEN we rode bikes down to this bike shop and I had mine tuned up. I got new handle bars and a new seat. The seat has flames on it. Its wicked cool. We rode all over the place and went to Studio Cafe, and to the Beach Ball and then to Mutts for lunch. We met some firemen from NY there that were visiting some of the fire stations around here. I ended up getting in a fight with this Bloke from Riverside. So when this guy said he lived in Riverside I made some tongue in cheek comment about the 909, and you woulda thought I kicked him in the nuts,then he said...."get the fuck away from my table you orange county BITCH". NICE MANNERS BABE! Did anyone tell you the 909 is mullet central? Well I felt bad cuz Rica was diggin this one NY Fireman...and I blew it for her. Oh well one day she will thank me. So she and I took off and went walking onthe beach for a bit. Then we rode the bikes back to her house. We came back to my place and took a nap before heading out to the "plastic jungle". Yep Rica wanted me to go with her to Dennis Rodmans bar Josh Slocums. Holy crap what a ridiculous place. If you arent just loaded with money, 20 something and had at least 3 boob jobs then you might as well just not come in. What a bunch of snobs. Get this hafta PAY to sit down there when it is "club". 300.00 to "rent" a sofa and 500.00 to have a VIP "cage". I could buy so much crap with that kinda money. And Rodman? Ya know I have always thought pretty highly of him but I dunn he is kinda a dork. Needless to say now I can say that I have "Been there done that" and I dont hafta ever go back again. And honestly I dont think I have any desire to anyways. Then just to make the day better SJ called on the way home from the gig in YL and I talked to him til he got home (at 3am).

That leaves me with today...I got up EARLY and showered..I feel like hammered hell from all the booze I drank. Anyways the Vikings were playing so I went over to Corner Office ALONE and watch the Vikes. I text messages back and forth with SJ but didnt get to see him. I kinda had fun the game was good and the Vikes won. Hell any excuse to wear my Moss Jersey...LOL. Well then I came home and passed out for a bit.

Thats about the skinny on the weekend. Well except I pissed Stretch off AGAIN. I am getting really good at it and used to it to. I am just gonna leave him be til he pulls his head outta his ass. Okay I am done writing today Ill write more tomorrow...Gonna go chat with some buds...

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