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5:36 a.m. - September 22, 2003
Another Monday
I dont wanna work today. I hafta go over to the other facility and fill in and that sux rocks. I wont be at my desk all day. Ill prolly go thru withdrawls. UGH...

Nothin major planned for this evenin. Prolly hit the sack early. I wanna go ride my bike but I doubt that'll happen. Me being lazy and all.

Nothing happened between last night and this am so not much to report. I just need to get up and get with it I guess.

Oh havent seen the hottie that looked at the apt the other day. Guess that didnt go. Man that sux major cuz he had MAJOR potential.

I will write more tonight or tonorrow dependng on the amount of excitment that happens between now and then.

Off to wash the sleep outta my eyes.


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