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6:21 p.m. - September 24, 2003
Continuity Rant
I need to rant...I dont know where to start...

I need a few things to be able to function in the biznez world...

1. Continutity: Do everything the same. Treat everyone pretty much the same.

2. The Why: I need to know why. You tell me to do something I need to know why. Not cuz I am being insubordinate but cuz I like to know processes.

3. Diagrams: If there is a flow I need to see it. I wanna know where it starts and the end result.

I dont think that is too much to ask..and I pretty much GOT that when I worked for the Hotel...NOT ANYMORE. I snapped today. BIG TIME

First Off:

I came into work and the gal that makes me nuts said she needs to work with me on the things I had goofed up on the "process". Thats all fine but when I ask...why or how do you...I WANT A FUCKING ANSWER!!!! "Just Because you do" is NOT a satisfactory answer.


During the "review" time for me I ask a simple question: "Why does some folders have the numbers 1,2,3 on them (1 for the QC folder, 2 for the Production folder, 3 for recieving)...and on some folders it says...Prod, QC and Recv.??? What do I get?? "Because they do" WHAT THE FUCK KINDA ANSWER IS THAT??? I asked "what on Monday, tuesday and wednesday we put the word and on thursday and friday we put numbers? or is it just whatever type of mood we are in?" I got NOTHING...NEED THE INFO...WORK WITH ME YOU GODDAMNED MORONS!!!!

I explained CALMLY (but scarily) that no one in this place does things anywhere close to the same. If one person says "do it this way" the other says its wrong and vice versa. And in the mean time I come across looking like an IDIOT and I am not an IDIOT. I also informed her that I dont leave things if they give me a project get the fuck back til I get it done...THEN I'll do something else. GEESH.

Then came the SNAP:

The other girl in the office comes over and hands me two pieces of paper with about 20-30 folders listed on it. I was in the midst of fixing a fuck up and she told me that these files needed to be pulled and they they needed copies of them at our other facility ASAP...So I started doing THAT instead of doing the OTHER project I was tod to do in the first place ....BY SOMEONE ELSE I might add. Then just outta curiousity I called Slave Driver at the other facility and here is a play by of OUR convo....

Me: Hey you know these files you need?

Him: No

Me: Dude the list you sent to ***?

Him: No

Me: Dude, you sent a list to her and told her you need to have these files pulled and sent over there.

Him: I dont know what you are talkin about.

Me: Okay she brought me this list of files. She told me you said they need to be pulled, scanned and emailed over there ASAP. I have spent the last 45 mins on the floor pulling files and I was calling to tell you that I was fixin to send them over...

Him: No that is NOT what the email said. **we then read the email together where I learned it said NOTHING of the sort**

Me: You know, thats it, I am so over this whole fucking thing. Thanks Ill handle this.

Him: Vic dont worry about it we will look at it tomorrow I only need 5 files.

I then hung up and proceeded over to the persons desk that gave me this shit assignment...and here is the convo:

Me: Who told you these files needed to be pulled and scanned?

Her: Boss

Me: Was it in the email?

Her: yes

Me: Show me

**she opens email and points to it (same email he and I just read...***it says NOTHING about pulling, scanning or emailing)

Me: Do you see anywhere on that email that says to do what you told me to do?

Her: Well not really I was in a hurry and just scanned thru it...

Okay here is my case and point....If the idiot woulda opened up the attached file and really READ the email she woulda seen that what I wasted alot of time on wasnt needed...Instead she just thinks she knows what is needed and I again become the BUTT MONKEY...

I feel bad I snapped on her cuz this particular person is a sweetheart generally...But DAMN...this place is like the Waffle House's Hash Browns...Scattered, Smothered and Covered... I am sick and tired of being looked at as an idiot so tomorrow I am having the "talk". And they might not like what I have o say...and they might fire be honest I dont give a rats ass...but I tell ya...I am soooo over it...and this is killing me so I think I am gonna crash...I have ranted this story to my roomie, My sister, my cool co-workers and here..I think I have shaken the wrinkles outta my skull....Tomorrow I am opening the can of whoop ass...

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