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5:06 a.m. - September 24, 2003
Wednesday...So What?
This week is draggin...damn is it. I think I need a red bull...brb..MUCH better...

So you gotta check this shit...this kid (21 yr old hottie fireman)wants to be a plaything for me...Part of me wants to roll on the floor lafing and Cyclops says "why not". Oh My Head. See what I hafta deal with...Angels and Devils.

Slept pretty damn good last night. I think I am still recovering from last weekend. I can tell you this much...I am not doing that again this weekend. I do wanna go ride my bike but we will see. I dont think I am gonna stay drunk for days. It was fun tho and I am looking forward to foo ball on sunday...How fucked up is that???

I am getting rid of all the hamsters today. Turned out Petco doesnt REALLY follow thru. The dude that sold me Opal said if she sprung that they would take the babies...LIAR...they wont take them so I am a hamster farm. Thats it...No Mo hamster....caca.

I dont think anything overly exciting will occur tonight. I knw I am not going out and I dont think there is anything on TV. Might have company come over ...not sure who yet but maybe..Or maybe I'll just chill alone again. I need to talk to my sister and get this other website up and running...she is the procrastinator deluxe.

I know I havent posted any lyrics lately but nothing seems to fit lately. Its just same ole same ole right now. I do have the Kiss/Aerosmith concert to look forward to. I think Sj may go with me and Suz. However...I need a little more attention from him in order to justify going...But then again maybe thats what it is gonna take to get his attention.

Ya know I was just in the other room and realized that all this is too much to think about right now. So instead of worryin about it I am gonna just go with the flow. I am gonna accept invites and do whatever. I think thigs are better than me overanalyzing shit. A always said I did that ALOT. Well I am starting right now.***disclaimer*** doesnt mean I cant write about whats bugging me here...hell its MY DIARY.


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