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4:34 a.m. - September 30, 2003
I gots tha FLU
I have the fucking flu. I feel like shit. I need to sleep and I need to work so do I get sicker OR stay home and get well??? I dunno I think I am dying.

I didnt get to write yesterday cuz the damn Adelphia cable was upgrading the internet. As much as I do appreciate that the inconvience was most frusterating. Maybe I am just pissy cuz I dont feel good.

There was something I needed to put in here but for the life of me I dont know what is was. Sheesh, I am sure I'll remember later. Damn I hate being sick. I dont do sick well.

This week is cram packed full of stuff to do. SJ had mentioned that he wanted to go ride tonight. Honestly? I am not gonna hold my breath, and I wont be too upset if we dont or something comes up cuz ya know...its TV night. But I do wanna see him away from the fuckin clubs. I am trying to be optomistic...YIKES. Then tomorrow is gonna be a down day and thursday I am supposed to have drinks with this guy from england (See Below). Friday I am going to Def Leppard and Saturday to see SJ play and the of course Sunday...VIKINGS FOOTBALL!!!

The guy Rica met and liked this weekend called me yesterday for her number. She was happy about that. He seems nice enuf...well except for the married thing. He is staying at a hotel so we shall see huh?

I got an email from this guy that was telling me that he used to go to this club back in 1988 in Dallas called Amnezia...fuck if that isnt my old hang out. Its funny, being frm Dallas I dont think it is that spectacular...but since he was there from england on Vacation he thinks it is right on. So since I am from Dallas and he had so much fun tere I guess I am good to go or something. I think its cool and he seems okay. Ill prolly hang out with him at least once for will be good to talk about old times in Big D.

Damn My head hurts. I am calling out today I dont think I can take this. I think I may shower and see what happens but my sinus' are throbbing. I am such a pussy.


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