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5:20 a.m. - October 07, 2003
The Slacker Speaks!
Damn I must be in another world. I totally have been slackin and not done an entry since friday. So I am gonna update quickly I guess. CRIPES.

Lets see...Friday Suz and I went to see Def Leppard at Verizon. They were really good. Not that BEST concert I have ever seen but good to say the least. They had no big showy crap. Just out there rockin the night away. ANd they played every song that they ever made it big with and THAT was cool. Sj called me on his way home from the gig...we talked til 4am.

Saturday Suz and I went to see SJ play at Silky Sullivans. D came out for a bit too. They were good. The crowd was odd but hell, any crowd is that isnt somewhere I go alot. Sj said he would call on his way home but he didnt. No big I was crapped out anyway.

Sunday was chill day and Rica came back from Phoenix. I missed her alot. She and I were wondering what we could do and them R called and invited us over to his buddies house in Cypress so we went. It prolly coulda been more exciting if E was into R's buddy and wasnt tired as hell to boot. R was supposed to come over when he left but he didnt. I think he prolly got drunk, tired or both.

I am getting sorta excited about the Aerosmith/Kiss concert in Chula Vista. Me, Suz and SJ are going and he is renting a big fatty tatty car. The Jew got me a room at Emerald Plaza if we want it. I am just hoping that SJ doent completely blow me off after the show. I hope he isnt they shallow type that would just be being nice to me cuz we are letting him go with us. I dont think so but who knows. Rica says I am over thinking the whole thing. "A" used to tell me that too. I am just gonna go, enjoy the flippin show and what happens, happens.

No new men to report. I guess thats good. Or bad. I am kinda in a wierd place. Hell Stretch hasnt even talked to me lately. No big loss I dont guess. I suppose things with his "teacher" girl are either going really really good ...OR really bad and he doesnt wanna let me know I was right. I guess I am in Limbo with SJ and trying to figger the whole fuckin thing out. I am not gonna over analyze this...NOT NOT NOT.

Okay well I am gonna go to work. I really am starting to enjoy what I do now that I am not with the beatches at the old facility. Yea my shit may have been nicer and cleaner over there but I like it so much better in my new home. I feel like I am actually "earnin" my pay.


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