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5:15 a.m. - October 09, 2003
Rum, A Great Man & New Shoes!
I have a hang over. Will I ever learn Rum and Vicki do NOT MIX?!?! Of course it was Habana AGAIN. And what really bites is that I am supposed to go back there again tonight. I did get very aquainted with the FLOOR of my room at one point late into the evening.

SJ shocked the shit outta me and asked me if I wanted to go out last night...OF COURSE!!!! So we decided to meet at Habana. Of course me and that dammed after I had a few of those (like 4) and he was into a couple of Mojitos we walked over to Electric Chair and damned if he didnt buy me those SHOES I Love!!!! Now THAT came outta NO WHERE. Then we came back to my house and oh my GOODNESS. He is soooo awesome. I had the best time last night. I so dig him. I just cant get over him. UNBELIEVEABLE. I am not gonna read anything into the SJ situation...but instead enjoy every minute I get with him. Be still my heart.

I didnt write yesterday cuz there was nothing to tell. But last night and tonight are another couple of stories. Tonight I am goin out with Ziggy...I havent written anything cuz I havent met him face to face...just phone time and email. He is from England...and prolly one of the funniest fucks I ever talked to. We are supposed to go to Habana tonight...OH MY HEAD.

Anyway I gotta jam cuz I need to eat before work today. And I am already running late as usual.

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