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5:02 a.m. - October 10, 2003
Friday...FINALLY!!! I thought this week would NEVER end.

I went out with Ziggy last night..Back to was nice he is very cool and funny. I love the english accent. At the very least he and I will always be friends. Its gotten harder and harder to read people and their thoughts. He was a gentleman. And to be honest I appreciate that. He also called me when he got home. I had a nice time and I didnt get drunk and obnoxious. I think I was still hung over from Wednesday night.

Didnt talk to SJ yesterday. I dont think I am gonna push today. I am stayin home tonight and then Rica and I are gonna go up to Manhattan Beach tomorrow night to see him play. Wednesday night made this week all worthwhile.

I finally got my computer and all my crap oiver at the new office. I like it so much more over there. And now that I have my stuff I can actually get into a groove.

Well this has been uneventful and I dont have any rants or nothin. So I am gonna go get my shit together and head out for the day. I am kinda lookin forward to chillin tonight.

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