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8:04 p.m. - October 12, 2003
Sunday Back Ache
Sunday night....I laid in bed all day. I was so fuckin tired. Rica and I went to Manhattan Beach to see SJ play and we stayed out way to late.

The club was Harry O's and it was a riot. I danced way to much. But the cool thing is that I Am starting to meet the ELC group of people that hang out with the band. I am diggin that. And after the first break SJ took me across the street to see this awesome band. I just adore him...he is awesome.

I didnt do shit friday night which is just what I wanted to do. And Sat went running around a bit before I went up to MB.

This week I know is gonna drag cuz damn it...the Aerosmith/Kiss concert is Thursday and Suz and I and SJ are fgoing...Oh be still my heart....

Well I am gonna take a back pill and hit the hay. Laying around makes you soooooo tired.

More later...

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