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5:08 a.m. - October 14, 2003
Worry and a New Rant
I must either be really excited about something or worried shitless...cuz I didnt sleep a wink last night. Too much crap in my noggin...I need a lobotamy...

Suz said we need to be in Chula Vista by 5...I text messages SJ and I didnt hear back from him..I think that may be what is stressing me out. I know he had a horrendous day yesterday but I want thursday to be perfect...Suz says not to worry..I worry ALOT.


I get online this am to a couple of jack holes form the east here is the deal...First I dont want a cyber boyfriend...and I get enough dates to keep me from having to span the globe for new meat....but that isnt the REAL problem...

Men bitch ENDLESSLY about the chicks on dating services that lie...they lie about what they are looking for and how they look etc. etc...I get these two dudes from Pennsylvania that are trying to talk to me...when I tell them that I Am NOT interested because I am in Cali and they arent they get all pissed cuz I dont lead them into a blind hope to think that I would be remotely interested in them.



Anyway...I tried to do it nicely but that didnt work so finally this one guy I said "If you are so hell bent on meeting me move to cali" he said he just bought a really nice house there...Okay what?? we dont have men with houses in cal? NO we all live in thatch houses...OH MY HEAD...

Moral of the story...leave me the fuck alone if you are out of a 65 mile wont happen...

Okay..Now I hafta get the First wave of the Disco Yule invites out this am and get in the shower...More later. Maybe from work


I forgot to ask...can a human get Kennel Cough? I swear I have it...UGH.

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