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4:15 a.m. - October 16, 2003
Kiss & Aerosmith Wind Up
Well today is the day...Kiss and Aerosmith with SJ and Suz...I am so excited and so are they. I went to the store and got me a big ass bottle of Banana Rum and diet NEW fav drink. I KNOW rum and Vicki...what the hell I am out with the other Banger Sister and a Rock Star...Fuck It.

So I am going into work early so I can scoot out at 2:30. I called Slave Driver yesterday to see if I could go in at 5:30 and he sprung a gasket on me. I swear he is such an ass sometimes. I do like my new office but GEEPERS he is so mean when he is at my old office. See what that place does to you???

I decided that the rendevous with Scuba is a total NO GO. I hate to tell him. I do like him alot but we can keep doing this. And I'll never have a normal relationship if I keep running off for a freak fest with him...or anyone for that matter.

Okay so I am off to shower and make myself look good since I wont have a second chance at that today...YIKES...I prolly wont write again til late friday or possibly sunday..I am not dead just Partyin like a ROCK & ROLL DIVA~

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