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12:30 p.m. - October 17, 2003
KISS Concert!!!!
Okay can I just Say that one thing every living being needs to do is see KISS in concert before they die...I have seen ALOT of concerts..ALOT...and not counting small venue shows (ie Faster Pussycat)This was of all time the BEST concert I have ever seen.

There was fire, bloodspitting and Gene Simmons flew theu the air. it was a ROCK & ROLL SHOW!!! Just like you used to see on MTV back in the day...

KISS came out full make up and garb...Ace Frehley was even playing. Paul Stanley's bod is exquisite...any 50+ guy that can pull off spandex like that is numero uno in my book....

They played the middle slot...and lemme tell ya they not only blew Aerosmith away show wise but they played so long that Aerosmith didnt even have time for an encore...

Now dont get me wrong, Aerosmith was good and they rocked out hard...But FUCK, KISS was OUTRAGEOUS...check them out on you can see show pics from 2003 and that is what they REALLY look like now. Shit I am still deaf...

Now Suz of course chased all her road crew buds down...which is fine cuz we got alot closer than we woulda...and my date was exceptional...SJ and I had a blast...I think he enjoyed himself as much as I did. There is something to say about going to a concert with a date that digs rock and roll as much as I do. And what made it even better....Suz chaffeured us home and we were like 2 teenagers in the back seat makin out all the way from Chula Vista to Irvine. Ha ha...I love it...

So on a scale of 1-10...I had a 30 rated night...Going to the beach with rica now and then to see SJ play tonight...gotta see if the feelin is still there after the concert..BIG TEST.

Oh and on a side note...Scuba tried his damndest to get me to see him tonight cuz his plans fell thru...I stood my ground and told him no. I thought he was really pissed off but he says he tone is so hard to read...

Well away I go...time to "PULL THE TRIGGER ON MY LOVE GUN!"

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