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6:21 p.m. - October 19, 2003
Vikings Did It AGAIN!

Sunday evening...What a weekend...Long and awesome...KISS with SJ...then to the Harp, then to Hurricanes...but above and beyond anything else I made new friends...and for that I Am happee...

I had met some of these gals before but now I am in...and I like it. SJ is introducing me to all these new people, My life is glorious for having them around.

I went today to watch the Vikings play at the Corner Office with Rica. She has been a little pissy lately. I am not sure what her gig is. I try to explain that for me, on sundays, football is all that matters. I guess it would be better if she had a yen for the ggame or even liked team. I know she is just stressed without a job. Things will be better I am sure. I think I am gonna give her a little space and she will mellow out. She snapped off on me at Starbucks. She needs to breathe.

Havent talked to SJ today. Thats kinda normal for a sunday. He is spending the day with his kid. What a good daddy.

Well I am gonna go call the gals and watch some tv and blah blah blah...I know this was boring BUT I hafta have a few of those here and there.

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