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4:24 a.m. - October 20, 2003
**Needed**Electric Shock Therapy
You ever wake up in the AM to be hit in the face with shit? Its fuckin 430 am and I get woke up to shit. However I refuse to go off on a rant and I am not gonna let people ruin my day. So I am just gonna leave it at that...end of story. I do think I need shock therapy deal with the enormous amount of crap I am being dished at this point. Oh my Head.

When I get a grip and am rant-free I will write about the morning occurances. But frankly it is too damn early to get into it and I know I will just get fired up and end up taking it to work with me. I cant do that I gotta be cool.

I do think for the sake of sanity and stupidity I need to revamp my cell phone "phone number list". Possibly tonight.

Maybe I need to go back to bed and start over. HA HA...I think coffee might help.

One of my new aquaintences, for the sake of being easy to define we will call her "Jill", called last night and we discussed dressing in our halloween garb for the gig in Yorba Linda this weekend. I like that idea much better than going out to eat with the "girls". I think my outfit is complete. I just need a few accessories. I need to call her and ask her what day she wants to do it but I am thinking saturday. I dont know if Rica is up for it but I can tell you this much...she can leave the bitchy at home please.

Well I am gonna go pull it together and get the hell outta here..I am beginning to believe the sooner I get started the sooner I can come home...did any of this make sense? I didnt think so.

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