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5:40 a.m. - October 22, 2003
Just Talking...Nothing Earth Shatterin
Another "hump day". I can tell you that I am looking forward to coming home and chilling. Isnt that odd? The day hasnt even started and I am ready to come home. FREAK. I am enjoying my job more now but I do need more money.

Sis is having fam issues. She called last night to "vent". I wish I could be more help for her and be there...but then again thank the gods I am not in the armpit or I might be a wino on xanex...Dont get me wrong I love the Fam..but they can make you mental. She wants me to come home for turkey but I think I may hafta pass. I did tell her tho that my confusion set in whent the parentals bought the grandmothers airline tix for Yule to go home but when they asked me what I wanted, and I said "fly me home" they balked...oh well...Ill be fine here..I ahve for the last 2 yrs.

Season finale of Nip/Tuck last night was fantastic...Cant wait for season 2 next yesr...Looks like I got my tuesday nights all set for me for another year.

Didnt talk to SJ last night. He was either really tired or really busy. But I was tied up on tele with sis and had been by Jills and Cyclops and I worked on the ole Halloweenie costume. Needless to say I was distracted til late.

Didnt hear back from Pop Tart again. he musta been off his meds night before last. OR he was expecting me to call and wanna see him...NOPE

After work I gotta return these stupid gloves and get Cyclops to assist in finishing my costume...hit the sack at a decent hour and then get up and do it again...

I did forget to add that I did hear from Scuba and he said no prob on the cancelling. he was going to Vegas this weekend anyways and had forgotten. Well that worked out well. I just hate to tell him as long as SJ in anywhere in the picture there isnt a chance we can hook up. I seriously still think the PTB are testing me BIG TIME.

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