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12:12 p.m. - October 25, 2003
Costumes at the Canyon Pre Party
Daylight savings time. Always good when it is time to knock back an hour and you are going clubbing...

Went to Jill's last night..had a wonderful time with her fam...we had steaks and wine and went hot tubbing...I am going over there this afternoon to redo her hair and get ready to go to Canyon Inn and see SJ's band.

He and I sorta had the "talk" yesterday. It has become aparat that he is used to psychotic women. And yes I do have a psychotic side, but when it comes to chicks and bands...I am not to bad. He just has alot of friends at Canyon Inn and was worried if he wasnt giving me the right amount of attention I might flip out...suprise mister...NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Luckily I will be with my new friends too so I am not gonna sweat it. he called me on the way home last night and thats plenty for me.

Well I wil write more tomoroorw. Its gonna be a late ass night so for now...Toodles

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