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4:58 a.m. - October 27, 2003
Uber-Happee Day!
I just need to say that even tho the Vikes lost to the Giants yesterday it was a fabulous day...well as a matter of fact it was a fabulous weekend.

Saturday at the Canyon Inn was cool. Jill and I had fun. She and Carmen ended up getting DRUNK and I was sober. Getting a cab was a chore. BUT, all in all it was fun. Sassy and Big E showed up. That was totally unexpected. But it was great to see her. She looks exceptionally happy. I didnt bug SJ and he had a super show. Got some great pics. I guess I did okay with him cuz when I told him I was leaving the FIRST time (before the drunk roundup started) he kissed me on the lips up on stage and was so sweet. Long story short getting everyone in one place at one time and getting a cab was hilarious. He called me on his way home, he is so sweet. I got Jill and Carmen all rounded up and settled in their appropriate places. I crashed at Jill's and came home early Sunday AM...

So Jill brings her son Garrett down and we went to Corner Office to watch Foo ball. Garrett has downs syndrome and can be a handfull...but he is very sweet. Soy Boy showed up to watch with me. And my cell rang right into first quarter...It was SJ...he came and watched the game with me!!!! This was such a suprise. I was so happee. He mentioned that he was thinking of blowing off Harley Love Ride this year and going to the Chargers/Vikes game in SD. I thought I was gonna jump thru my ass. Then I got a text message from him in the afternoon that the traffic going down could be pretty bad so we might hafta TAKE THE BIKE!!!! Holy shit...

Later I got an email that I was outbid on my Moss Jersey. My rule. I only bid once. I text messaged him and told him I was outbid. He told me "patience, babee" so I guess its time to learn to be an Ebay Sniper from the master.

I am pretty GAGA at this point and it is wicked ass gross. Gotta keep on being cool and keep the heart in check. He isnt ready for a hard core commitment. And he hasta be the one to make the decision. However I think Saturday went well and we are on a good track.

Jill met a fab-o guy at the Corner office yesterday and had a date with him last night. She called but I was passed out. I need to hear the details. Ill call her in a bit. I am SURE she is asleep.

I am gonna walk on my cloud into the other room and take a shower...


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