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7:22 p.m. - October 28, 2003
The Jersey
I hafta write about this right cant wait til tomorrow.

I didnt hear from SJ yesterday cuz he took the day off. His 2nd wife lost her house to these voracious fires and she needed his assistance. He is such a sweet guy he has let her, her 18mo. old daughter and her mom stay at his house...So I am not upset he didnt call.

Then today he messaged me while I was at work to remind me to bid on my White Randy Moss jersey I wanted on eBay. Some Jackass had outbid me on sunday so I hadta bid today...I jumped on and I gave up...

When I refreshed the final screen...what to my wondering eyes appear? SJ was the winning bidder...HE SNIPED MY JERSEY FOR ME...Now tell me how GREAT he is... Moss up? Oh hell yea ...Road trip to the Vikes game in Sandy Eggo!!! Yes he popped up on my screen with "who's your daddy!!" Oh YOU are are my ROCKSTAR!!!!

Oh be still my heart...He is the awesomest of awesome...too good to be true...YEA and I adore him...toodles to all the others...I found the man of my dreams.

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