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5:24 a.m. - October 30, 2003
New friend and Paco
My friend Britt came over for a visit last night. it was good. I like new friends. She dates the Keyboard player in SJ's band. She and I get along splendidly, I think, and she likes to talk. Its fun. It also gave me plenty of reason to clean my house a little. Damn this place is a pig sty. I am ready for the fires to be over with. LIKE NOW.

Didnt hear from SJ after yesterday morning. I am curious what is going on at his house with all those people there. However I am not gonna let myself fall back into that trap and be all uptight about it. Like I said before if he and I are supposed to work then great, if not...I trudge on. I have a feeling he was with his son last night for some reason.

I do think I am gonna give the text messages and such a least for today.

Looks like Jill has decided to come on out with me on friday. I told Britt to meet me there at like 8 and we can have some drinks well ahead of time. Ill prolly go get Jill even tho I dont wanna drive all the way up to AH. But I prolly will. What else have I got to do? She wants to dress up. I dont know if I am into that this weekend. I should be since it is Halloween...shit I dunno. I got so much more going on with me right now the last thing I am worried about is the costume issue.

Anyway...thank the gods this week is almost over. I am tired and edgy. Not really for anything more than money. I gotta find a job with more money. This just isnt cutting the mustard. And the slave driver told me to shut up yesterday...thats strike more and he is history. I dont think I would report him to HR for all the crap I deal with from him but lemme tell ya ...the thought has crossed my mind.

New thing with Paco lately. He has gotten to where when I am on the computer he comes as close as he can to me out on the door of his cage. I dont kkow if he is watching me type or trying to up his trust. I have been handling him alittle more. I cant wait til the day when he decides he is really gonna like me. I think we are getting just may take another YEAR and I am in no rush. he is a fabulous bird...

Okay well off to shower land...more later....

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