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5:05 a.m. - November 05, 2003
The rain, cold and moody friends
Wednesday. YAY...a couple more days til the weekend and alot of nothing til sunday. Actually I am looking forward to a slow weekend. It appears that the only think I gotta ponder is how much I need to bundle up on the bike going to SD on Sunday...

I did a little used car recon for SJ yeterday and found the car he wants, except it is automatic. Maybe he can make an exception and jew them down a few hundred. It would be cool if he got a convertable. I love going to look at was fun with the Jew til he went of the deep end and made it into a mission to buy whatever he could. It became "Beat the Dealer". That wasnt fun.

I hadta go to the South Street facility for a meeting yesterday that subsequently got cancelled at the last minute. Slave Driver is at Defcon 4 and totally snappish. I still cant stand CC and I forgot to say bye to them when I left. They think that is rude...I'll tell you what is rude...just leavin me and BigMoc out of all they things they do. Last week, even tho we wouldnt go, they deliberatly didnt call us on friday and ask if we wanted to go to lunch. Whatever, they really dont pay me enuf to care...I need a new job.

So tonight I guess I am commin home to chill again. it would be spectacular if I got to see SJ but he still has houseguests...well at least this is the last week and they can go live somewhere else. I am so suprised I am not stessing out about it.

On a different note...I left Britt a message and never heard back from her ...and since sunday Jill has been in the "Wierd Zone". I think this whole divorce, dating, parents crap is stressing her out but she hasnt wanted to call or I am gonna let her alone til she gets her head together. Rica is back from Phoenix...thats cool. She is gonna wanna go out this weekend but too bad I aint goin.

It hasnt stopped raining intermittently and that makes everyone gloomy. Anyways I am outta here and off to steam up my freezing cold room...I hate winter.


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