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5:26 a.m. - November 06, 2003
Fat Guys from High School
I went thru my desk yesterday at home and found an old phone book. All the names in it brought back so many memories. SO on a whim I decided to look up people in there on the net.

Well the first person I found was my ex from back in High School, Neil. Mom wanted me to marry him sooooo bad. He fucked up and went to Padre over spring break and left me behind so I broke up with him. And even back then I didnt backslide. So long story short he was history.

Now he has a website of him, his friends and his new wife. I am happy he found someone. She is a bible beater and I guess he is turnin into one too. BUT here is the kicker...the guy is fat as hell and bald. I swear he has tits bigger than mine...YUK...He was so hot back in the day. Now? EGAD it is some nastiness. It is so bad that I almost didnt recognize him.

That tuned me into another friends website Brad Stone. He has a great ranch in Texas. I do miss chatting him up. I emailed him. Prolly wont hear back. But he I tried. It does seem like alot of the peeps from High School have turned out to be fat snotty losers. Oh well, serves them right for being so mean to me back then. I dont know where Steve Asher is but he can drop dead cuz he was the meanest to me of them all. In the I am in Cali...livin life...yay for me...

So it is thursday. I am gonna go cash my check and then maybe go by and see Britt at the Studio. I still havent talked much to Jill and Rica is back but spinnin a million miles an hour. I guess I am gonna hafta help ground her...but sometimes it seems like I am spinning too and I cant take care of everyone.

SJ decided against the car I wound in Cerritos cuz its automatic. Cant say as I blame him. I wouldnt buy an automatic either. I asked him if he wanted to meet me for a drink friday...we will see..I didnt hear back from him so I am NOT texting him today...its up to him now. I dont know why but I have this feelin that Sunday may not pan out. I am used to let down and maybe its just that ever lingering feelin I get that I should expect it. I dont think he is that way but if it happens I guess I'll go to the corner office as usual. So at least I have a back up plan and thats a good thing.

Now to the burds...I dunno what is up with Paco. He was kinda screaming/singing early last night. And now every morning when I am on the puter he inches closer and closer to me on the cage door. It seems he wants me to hold him but I know if it comes to it he wont. I am letting him get close to me on his own and I remember with Cappy he did the same thing. All of the sudden one day...he got on my shoulder. Burds are wierd.

I need to go get ready for work. I wish I had other options but I guess Ill just go to work and I have been sayin...I need a new fuckin job.

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