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5:12 a.m. - November 07, 2003
Mousy Hair & Insane Blabber
Well Friday is finally here. Not that that is anything spectacular for this weekend. SJ's band isnt playing so I am staying home for the most part. Tomorrow the gas man is commin and I gotta clean and do laundry. EXCITING.

I put brown in my hair again last night. Damn. I dont know if it is the moon or becuz I was feelin a bit insecure yesterday. Its not so bad. One good thing is that I know anything I put in my hair will not stay (well except pink)so its only temporary. At least I can see what I think of me with brown hair.

Jill wants me to come over tonight. I dunno if I am in the mood to go all the way up there. I dunno. I am in a wierd spot today. SJ hasnt said anything at about going on sunday. I hate it when I get this way. I just cant let him see it and I am not gonna keep asking him. I dont want him to think I am some sorta dope. Fallback plan? Hell yea...Corner Office of course.

So yesterday I called the mother to tell her that I had found the HS sweethearts website and that he was a fat ass and that I was thinking I might wanna go to my 20 yr class reunion. And ya know what the BEYATCH said to me? Here ya go and I quote:

"Well you need to get in shape, get a miracle bra and try not to dress like seedy white trash like you always do"

Thats it MA...if I do go I am wearing LEATHER and maybe ill rent an old Camaro too. FUCK OFF. I just thought that maybe when I got to be close to 40 she would stop worring what people would think of HER in regards to me. The bullshit never ends. She actually thinks that I sat around when I was younger thinking of ways to embarass her when her friends came over. Like I have nothing better to do with my time. Here is a newsflash MOM...I was either starved for attention and reaching out to you OR on dope...planning your demise was NOT on the agenda. Sorry to disappoint you. Here is another news isnt always about YOU. And might I add...I took a survey and 1. It isnt a BAD thing to be self proclaimed white trash...2. MY general mob doest think I am, Hell I dont think I am. And if any blokes wanna see new pics of me to decide for themselves here is the link to my Yahoo Photo album (yea I am a cheap ass so cut and paste it GEEZUS)

Okay now that I got that outta my system...I am gonna go get in the shower and head out to get my day going...Welcome weekend...

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