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11:30 a.m. - November 08, 2003
Brown hair and my Poor Punkin
Well lets talk about FUCKED UP.

I went out with Jill last night. When we came out it looked like someone had smeared or squirted crisco all over my car door. Well it turns out its fucking PAINT REMOVER. So I have no paint of the door of my baby. I am so FREAKED OUT!!!!! Thank god for SJ and his wonderfulness, he calmed me down and stayed on the tele with me til after 4am. I so adore this man.

I dont understand what I do to get dealt this shit. The only things I really care about are my birds and my car...I love my car so much and somone just fucks it up for no reason other than spite and hatefulness. Was I the victim of random meanness? I curse whoever did this to me to a life of miserableness and unfortunate and uncalled for pain. You can betcha tonight I'll be breakin out the black magic stuff...

So you know how I get when I am freaking and whats the first thing I do? Yep...color my hair...I went straight out brown. Back to the natural color. I think SJ will like it better so its all good. And actually I think it looks good with my eyes.

Well I am gonna go turn the laundry and get ready for a nap. I am exhausted.

Later...Oh and whoever did this to me....FUCK YOU!!!!

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