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9:22 a.m. - November 09, 2003
1 order of fun to go PLEASE
So Sunday is here. I didnt do shit last night but I wasnt in the mood to.

I got up this morning and walked 2 miles then came in and have pretty much been chillin. I just got out of the shower and I am looking forward to watching the Vikes kick the shit outta the chargers today. (I Hope).

I was supposed to go to SD with SJ but we pretty much nixed that idea. It was just too much trouble. I gave him the out and to be honest I would rather hang here. I am planning on going to corner office unless he calls and wants to watch the game together. The way my weekend has gone tho I am not gonna hold my breath. I am gonna take my brown hair and hit the bar about 1130. Kick off is at 1.

If I do anything fun I wont be writing before tomorrow. If today is ANOTHER shit pile i'll write tonight.


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