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5:24 a.m. - November 12, 2003
Shit Sandwiches
Life boggles my mind dontcha know. I wonder why things cant be easier. Not that I have it THAT rough but I seriously sometimes question my existance.

Yesterday I had a flippin auditor at my desk for some of the day. its funny cuz even tho it is relatively obvious that I occupy that desk...people still dont see me and they use it as a fuckin work area. This moron pushed all my shit to one side sat down on the corner and began takin over everything. Funny thing is that he didnt even notice that my bra broke and was attempting to escape from under my shirt...and the twins were going crazy...I couldnt wait to get in the car and take that shit OFF.

Sis seems okay...I talked to her for a bit yesterday. And SJ called and told me that he had been reclusive for the last week or so cuz he just needed time to figger out some of the shit he had been dealt...or as he put it he "needed to mustard up his shit sandwich". I am glad he thinks of me enuf to tell me this...however...after this week I will go tit for tat with him...cuz my past week was a shit sandwich too.

I think I am having some qualms adjusting to my hair too. Its wierd seeing me all dark and crap.

I applied at a couple of hotels and I am gonna let the gods take the career wheel...I will keep applyin and see what comes of it. Hopefully finanaces will level out next month. I cancelled the Disco Party...I am just not into it this year.

Anyways I guess I am gonna get with it and face the day. At least the week is at the 1/2 way point.

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