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4:54 a.m. - November 13, 2003
Good links and kissing men
A couple of are two fuckin hilarious listen turn the sound up or they are useless.

Here is the end of the world:

Here are the Doo Wop Horses (click them)

Okay and then for you interactive freaks..remember Madlibs? Go for it here...

Now that is out of the way...

Jill and I went to see Mark play at Rockin Taco last night. SJ was supposed to play but he called at the last minute and told me he wasnt playing. So I told him Jill and I were going anyway and he should come out and hang. He told me maybe but it would only be for and hour or so. I told him cool... This was kinda a personal test for him from me. My sis said if he showed then he was into me and if he didnt then blow him off. He showed. Still he seemed a bit out of sorts. I cant figure him out. He hung with us and then he "worked the crowd" a bit. It was cool tho the bass player in the band let him play a couple of songs and he did look like he was having a blast.

But that isnt even what made the evening interesting. After he left Jill and I hung out a bit and these two dorks came over and were trying to get us to have a 4 way kiss...WHAT??? So I told them no they if they kissed we would. (which for a couple of gals to kiss is no big deal). I'll be damned if they didnt kiss and it was like they were kinda into it, no tongue but still, ewwwwwww. Well I thought I was gonna D I E. Mark came over and asked Jill and I if we got these guys to kiss...he was astonished. I was laughing my ass off and so was Jill. I think when the guys realized what they had just done and that EVERYONE saw they freaked. Cuz they took off and went and hid. are IDIOTS. I called SJ on his way home to tell him about it. I dont think he was that impressed and he sure didnt wanna talk. He still must be in the funk he was in earlier in the week. I think Ill give him some space.

I can tell you this, IF I do go see them play this weekend I am NOT drinking. It isnt so much fun and I think I am starting to lose weight and that is cool. I am still having a problem adjusting to my hair too. I need to get a grip I feel a monster freak out coming on. I have never had to work this hard for something. Maybe I am wasting my time but then again, what do they say? Good things come to those who wait? FUCK. I am getting a bit impatient. Maybe it'll be good to not show up in MB this weekend. I sure cant afford it. Oh well weekend isnt here yet... we will see.

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