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5:01 a.m. - November 14, 2003
Finally Friday...And Bye to DC
I slept pretty damn good last night. I think..yea I did. I crapped out EARLY. And the good thing was that I turned off the teles and the tv and it was nice....I love lockdown.

I dont really have alot to say....Jill and Britt and I are supposed to go to see ELC play...I think I may introduce the "FUCK" shirt tonight. Manhattan Beach is FAR. I dont wanna and am not gonna take punkin there...but if it ends up being drama then I will. Alot of it depends on SJ and his 'tude today also. If I do go tho I am not drinking tonight...the lack off boozin it up is helping me lose weight and I am wanting to BAD.

Oh and for the record...the parentals put our old cat DC down last night. Poor Puddy...I loved him...but he was old and sick. He is better off. Peace Puddy...You will live in my heart forever...I will write more if anything exciting happens...


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