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6:51 a.m. - November 17, 2003
Welcome to monday....YIKES. Let me do a brief weekend recap THEN we will discuss my yesterday. Damn I Am hungry...could it possibily be becuz I didnt EAT yesterday? Anyway...

I went with Jill to Harry O's to see SJ play...things were going pretty good. Then I didnt see him again after first set. He was acting all wierd again...thoughts? WHATEVER. I think I am about over this. He usually calls on his way home..he didnt...I didnt hear back from him on saturday either. I know he was busy BUT he will usually respond with SOMETHING...nada...and then yesterday, nada but I didnt try to contact him either...screw it...unless a relative was impaled or eatin by a monster I am pretty much done...he will either pull his head outta his ass or he wont. I am thinking...get out before I get attached. So bring on Sunday...ha ha ha

I didnt do dick saturday. Didnt even shower. It was nice.

Yesterday I went over to Corner Office to watch the game..the vikings officially SUCK right now. But the day wasnt a total waste. I sat down next to this cutie patootie and he started to chat me up...long story short...I dropped him off at his car at 6:30..THIS MORNING!!! And lets just say...HOLY CRAP...SJ who? Its been over a month for me and by god did I make up for lost time here...WOW...If I see him again AWESOME...If I dont well I had a great time. We exchanged numbers and went on our all I can say.

So here I am at work. I got all the pics for the shit I need to sell on ebay and I am gonna load that crap up tonight. I'm supposed to have a date with Steve tomorrow or thursday..I dont think I am gonna go see SJ play this weekend. I think I need to get back in the mix...maybe I need another "Scuba" weekend???I am alot better off when I am gettin some regularly. Well I am gonne work so I can get this day to go by quicker..I am definately going to bed early AGAIN...


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