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5:20 a.m. - November 19, 2003
Depositions and Drinks
Back to the grind today. UGH. Court yesterday went okay I guess. My attorney said I did reat and he was asking for the max payout on her policy. I am hoping to come away with at least 5k. But it could be more. You know me..expect less and be suprised. The other lawyer tried asking me some stupid questions to trip me up. Fucker. I think I did okay.

I went out with Steve last night to Habana. We had a great time. We have a second date on thursday for philly cheese steak sammiches. He is very very nice and I like him.

Ebay is doing okay. I have sold 2 things so far and it is a total close to 475.00. Hell everybit will help. Right now especially. I have more to write but I am very tired as it was after 11 when I got home and I need to shower and get outta here. I am surely not dressing up today. Commin home, walking, goin to bed...thats IT.

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