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5:30 a.m. - November 20, 2003
Ebay Selling Insanity
I am pretty damned amazed at Ebay. That is some crazy shit, selling on there that is. I think that sellin stuff is more addicting than buying crap. It has been 3 days and I believe, if my calculations are correct that I have made close to 500 bux or maybe a little more. Things should get interesting as the final hours wind down. I put my autographed hats up on auction too. The prices are ridiculous. They prolly wont sell. I dont wanna get rid of them that bad anyways.

Sucky bastards at work banned us from accessing Yahoo Email. Slave driver said its cuz they were watching me and Moc's hang time. So we left the Yahoo email site up all day. Big woop. I so need another job.

The guy that came over sunday night from the corner office called last night. He said we may be able to get together in the next day or two. I dunno we will see. As I am right now I dont wanna go out at all. Kinda trying to focus on finding a new roommate.

As far as the new roomie thing goes I have had a couple of inquiries but nothing note worthy really. And Iranian or Pakistani guy and some old dude and a neurotic New Yorker chick that hates birds...NAH...NEXT!!!

I am supposed to go out to dinner with Steve again tonight. I do wanna but to be honest I am not really in the mood. But it is still early. He didnt call last night and hasnt since we went out so hmmm...we will see wont we?

Sj called alot yesterday and I am wondering whats up with him. We had the LONG discussion about taking things down a few notches during the holidays. Thats perfectly fine with my world it is exactly the same but he sometimes needs to verbalize whats up. So I think I am gonna give him all the space he needs...see what happens.

Paco is out of control and I gotta call the vet about coming over to clip his wings and feet. Yesterday the little idiot was hanging from the vertical blinds and the tried flying all over the room. Dork...I do think him and Mr. Bookins are talking too much...

Okay well I best get in the shower. More tomorrow...

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