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5:09 a.m. - November 21, 2003
Bankin on Ebay and Friday Relief
Well hell yea!!! Friday Is finally here. And here is a news flash. I am so stying home and doing NOTHING. I dont wanna go to Canyon Inn tonight and tomorrow I am building a website for D and chillin. I am supposed to go with Jill to rainforest with the boys but if I dont get any moolah from the pay pal dealy then I aint going.

After bills were paid and so on I put the remainder if my check in a safe account so I can kinda not have cash layin around. Thing is I cant get to it til I get my paperwork and stuff so thats kinda cool I guess. Its like having a bank without having a bank...

Hanywhey...Most of the final sales went thru on ebay last night. I made over 700 bux on all my crap. Kinda cool I think. Sellin is fun. The paypal delay is a pain in th ass but other than that I am good to go. I should get all the cash by monday out of the red and back on track... AND I can focus on finding a roommate.

I love Cyclops to death but hells bells... The place is a wreck and she isnt moving very fast for a person who has had 2 days off to get it done. Sheesh. I would be moved by now already.

Today is the birthday lunch of the chick that makes me nuts at work. I have a feeling NOTHING will get done today. Seriously. And I dont wanna go but I gotta be a fuckin team player. She is a confused ass kisser...oh well I am not gettin goin on this right now NO WAY...

The hottie that came home with me on sunday from the bar...well he called LATE last night...ALOT...I may see his sweet ass this weekend....but he is definately takin me out...and thats is pretty damn cool. More on him if it develops...


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