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4:46 a.m. - November 24, 2003
Weekend Update & New Roomies
Absolutely NOTHING exciting this weekend. But I'll update anyway.

Friday~ SJ was playing at Canyon Inn. I didnt go. After the talk he and I had I just felt it was best to give him a little space and see what happens. Plus I Just do NOT care for that bar and I needed to chill this weekend so I did. More on SJ and his actions in a bit. I kinda thought Eric might wanna hang out but I came home and passed out early and he ended up passing out too. Worked out for the best I think.

Saturday~Got up at 4 am...NO CLUE why...Went and walked, piddled around til D called and I went to her place and picked up stuff to start working on her website. Cyclops was here moving the rest of her stuff out and about noonish a guy came by to talk to us about moving in. We didnt feel te "love" there so I think he is a no go. He needs to live in Fullerton I am thinking. No big. Later I went to Jill's and she and I took the boys to Rainforest Cafe and Downtown Disney. They wore me OUT. I hadta come home and PASS OUT. Jill asked me over for thanksgiving. Maybe. I am not sure yet what I wanna do. I may just stay home.

Sunday~What did I do yesterday???I went to Corner Office to watch the Vikes WIN!! Finally. I think it was luck but hey...a win is a win in my book. Soy Boy came to watch with me it was cool. I came home and another potential came to speak with Russ and I. I actually liked him and I think Russ did too. I am just waiting to hear from him to see whats up and if he wants the room he can have it. I think he will take it. It would be good I think.

Now on to SJ for a sec...we had a convo friday night. He called me up asking me motorcycle advice. WIERD. Anyways the convo was casual and I hadnt called or text messaged him really since we had the "talk" the other day about taking things a few steps back til after the holidays. Anyway we chit chatted and he was yammering his usual about this motorcycle deal and how I thought he needed a project. THEN he said on sunday he was "disappearing". Okay have fun. He kept on and on about it and I didnt even ten he blurted he was going to Palm Springs or Vegas or Pebble Beach to play golf...blah blah blah...In my head I am thinking "okay dude GO..I get it...I wont call or text message...GEEPERS..."

Well yesterday on his way to the Springs he calls and chats me up for 1/2 an hour. I didnt answer right when he called but I did call back. What a dork his entire "running away" means coming back on tuesday...have fun, play golf and RELAX for cripes sake...EGAD.

I cant figger him out but maybe I am not supposed to. I wish I didnt like him. I am gonna just leave him be and maybe, just maybe he will realize I might be kinda a cool chick and when he quits getting the "twitch" things will be a-okay.

Speaking of freakin..Rica has decided to move back to Phoenix...I gotta say this..QUITTER!!! Okay now thats out. I did offer her assistance by offering her a smokin deal on the room. She declined so I told her that was fine and that I had put an ad out anyways. THEN she has the gawl to call and ask me if she could rent to room for a month til she gets her shit together to go. UM...lemme think...NO. I told her from the get go I wasn't into the move in move out thing. And I told her that I think I had someone moving in. NOW the gal she lives with is telling her she hasta get out in one week and she wants to come stay on my couch. Lemme I am not inconviencing us esp the new roomie. Ill flip out. I told her it isnt a "friendship" issue but more of a business decision. And that I value our friendship and I just dont wanna share space right now more than I already am. Plus I got 2 other people to think about. I feel bad for her, hell I was hatin it and homesick as hell when I came out here. And if NAYONE wants to go tit for tat on the horrible...I got one thing to say...YOU COULDA BEEN ROOMIN WITH LISA...hell you wanna talk about pure EVIL...ugh. She went back to Texas...She is the direct spawn of SATAN...Anyways, I was told to give it a year and damn I did and its great. Life isnt better according to your zip code. I can vouch for that 100%. Good luck pussycat...hope all works out for you. It was a blast.

So I have a 3 day work week. YAY!!!I am off Thursday and Friday. I do wanna have a rocking cool weekend. SJ is playing someplace new...Im goin...for SURE! Okay off for Java and shower...

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