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4:38 a.m. - November 25, 2003
Rant time....I left work yesterday pissed off as all hell at Big Moc. Now I know I get a bit "edgy" and I have got alot riding me right now but GEEZUS the guy likes to argue. And he likes it so much that he will argue about arguing. But the most irritating thing is when he tells me I told him something and I KNOW damn good and well I didnt...THAT PISSES ME OFF. And he said I told him that having 600 emails in his inbox would NOT slow down internal email delivery. Now my question to the world is this...Why would I say that when I

A. Never talked to him about his inbox (even tho he says I did) and

B. I had no Idea how full his Inbox was?

What kinda moron doesnt delete emails???Oh WAIT..My office mate thats who. So anyways I got so tired of listening to his yammering that I picked up my shit and left. He is so busy jackassing around on email with his roomate that he gets all pissy when he might hafta work. Okay thats it for that rant. Well wait...I am gonna tell him how "over it " I am this morning. Seriously.

Looks like Syovar and I got a new roomie. Its a guy. Which is what I wanted. he seems nice enuf. he is a flight instructor at John Wayne ariport. We will call him "Flyboy". Syovar and I both discussed it and decided that he would prolly be a good fit. Now just to make him feel welcome..THAT'S important. He is bringing the deposit by today and rent on the first..Things are looking up financially and I may be on an upswing if I can just keep it together. I think this little "savings" thing I have started is a good idea. I gotta get disaplined.

Jill is going to Tahoe with her "man" this weekend. YAY for her. I am sure he is a nice guy but something about him bugs me. Maybe its her looking so soon for a husband when she isnt divorced yet? Maybe its the fact that he is all about looks? Fuck if I know...I cant put my finger on it. But I guess Ill be going out alone ..well maybe Ill meet Britt or not go at all...who the hell knows.

I am hoping maybe I can see Eric this weekend. He called last night for a "booty call" of sorts but I wasnt available. I hadta ship some of this ebay crapola I sold and stuff. THAT takes precedence over sex I am her ta tell ya. I dont want hate mail from these yahoos. Plus all it works out to be is me getting off my lazy ass and going to the mail place. Not a difficult endeavor, I am just a lazy piece of shit...ha ha ha.

I need new jeans. Just thought I would throw that out there. I may get some while I am out tomorrow. Maybe today.

I miss Sammy. I have talked to him but havent seen him in a couple of weeks. Good or bad? I dunno. It remains to be seen.

Looks like I am gonna end up cooking here for Thanksgiving. D is coming over and Cyclops and me and Syovar. New roomie not yet...he is going home for turkey (which is Pennsylvania). Anyone else that is homeless can come. I am thinking of inviting Rica, however, her drama may be more than I can handle right now.

I dont know why I am anti-drama. I guess it is cuz other than "man drama" I dont inflict my personal BS on others. They dont care, so why should I? I need happy people around me ...and thats that..

Okay I have ranted from one end of the spectrum to the other this morning huh? What a wack-o. Anyways I guess I should pull my shit together and go may new guy a key...WHOOPIE!!!

Oh and one last comment...If Big Moc picks an arguement with me today I will shank him...I MEAN IT.

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