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10:02 a.m. - November 27, 2003
Feasting and Friends!
Feasting...That is what I am gonna do today...I have been busy putting Betty Crocker to shame. Here is the Menu for today:

Beer Basted Turkey, dressing, green bean casserole, Mac and cheese ( boxed shit here) Mashed taters, Home made Cherry and BlueBerry pies, candied yams and veggi casserole. Wine and beer and Martinis of course...

D is bringing the Yams and vegi casserole...

Guest List? D, Syovar, Cyclops, Rica, Soy-Boy, Scuba and moi...

What could be better than being surrounded by good friends, have good food and drink and guaranteed botty at the end of the night? OKAY maybe a new car...but lets be SERIOUS!!!

Britt came over last night and helped me by keeping me company and shredding the cheeses...Good Bud...She also gave me a few tidbits on SJ...Ya know I honestly think I am wasting my time...hence...Scuba coming to spend the night...and I have a date with a new guy on Saturday...YAY!!! May even blow off the gigs this weekend...hmmm..anyways...

I am off to clean up my room and get theis place ship shape for company...Ill prolly write on Saturday..I know I wont tomorrow.

Oh a and for a ***disclaimer***

I know my diary has been a bit boring as of late but lemme remind everyone that it reflects whats up with my life...hense..a little boring but let it be known...things are on a GREAT upswing!!!

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