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6:41 p.m. - November 28, 2003
Turkey Schmurkey
Strangest Thanksgiving of my life...

Okay Wednesday night Britt came over to visit and talk while I cooked. That was a good thing. I really enjoy her company. She did tell me a few things about SJ. And despite my deep rooted feelings for him it is becoming more and more clear to me that he has basically too many hang ups and too much baggage to be anything more than friends with me. Didnt I say a long time ago that he was too good to be true??? And I did play it different with him. Didnt make one shit bit of a difference.

Last night Scuba was supposed to come over...THAT didnt happen...In a way I am glad. I wouldnt have been worth a shit today. Well I am not anyway...LOL. Eric from corner office came over yesterday at fuckin 11:30 in the morning and just left here a few hours ago...fucker spent the night...he was so wasted...bu fuck that was some STEAMY SEXCAPADES...guy is a MACHINE.

He did however ger so wasted he told all my friends about what we do in bed and that I am a "racehorse" in the sack. He went out to his car to find a pic of some gurl and never came back inside. Fucker passed out...we all went out and got him and brought him in...missing a shoe I might add. Fucking hilarious. I had a super duper thanksgiving...Great friends...great food (thank you ME!!!) and great S E X.

So Rica is on her way over and we are headed out to a new bar to hear you know who play...but tonights it is about me and my friends and dancin the night away...not sittin on my ass paying attention to you know who.

So off to wash the Eric smell off of me and get looking SEXEE...


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