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5:11 a.m. - December 01, 2003
Someday we will get it right
Well the weekend is over...BUMM-ER!! It actually was pretty damn much fun...From the 24 hour frolic with Eric to dancing the night away at Tuscany with the girls...

Success on the Brake job has got punkin squeal-less more embarassing announcement that I am arriving from 2 cities away...I can actually "stalk" without anyone hearing me...(THATS A JOKE!)

I did decide I am not meant to be a brunette. I did a 1/2 assed blonde streak job on the hair. I like to stand out and the brown was fun...for a month, but naw...Ill stick with what I know works.

Yesterday I watched the Vikes bite the dust against the Rams. St. Louisis strong. SJ told me it would happen. he knows...He knew I wouls be upset. I came home and slept for a few hours...Then got up and Rica and Britt came over and watched Harry potter with me.

Speaking of SJ, lemme recap Saturday night. I went with Britt to Tuscany and SJ came and sat with me for a while. He seemed better. He had a biopsy on a spot on his leg and I think his skin is starting to bother him a bit. Britt said he had talked to James about it alot and he brought it up to me for the first time Saturday. We had never discussed it before. Anyways, "Glen" came out to hang with me (***see details at the end of this for "Glen" info***). SJ bailed out when Glen sat down never to return. However, we did talk a bit and he called me on his way home. I still like him so much. I am not giving up on him but I am also not gonna sit home on pine away for him either. Best of both worlds? Possibly...Saturday was alot better than Friday as I didnt hafta drive anyone or wait on anyone and that was good. I made a big decision. From now on I go alone or with Britt cuz I am tired of dealing with drunks and when I am ready to leave I LEAVE...period. Yea I hadta wrangle Rica friday and that was kinda pissing me off. She almost got left.

I am not gonna get into the drama of what is going on in Rica's life but lemme tell ya...You will never be a success if you dont use your resources and allow yourself to succeed. PERIOD...maybe I know this cuz I have grown up alot in the last 3 years...My frined Kristin told me that the first year in Cali was the worst one and thats the truth...I am pullin for you Rica but I am not doing it for you...

***Glen Info***

I met him on America Singles back when I first met SJ. We met up and it was cool. But it was brought to the forefront that he and I were both seeing other people "sorta" so we just became buds. Well the broad he was seeing broke up with him about the same time as SJ and I decided to put the brakes on a bit. So he came out to see if there was anything between us...NO NO NO..he is so stiff and edgy...he needs a meek little gal to boss around...Hunny I am not the gal for you.

Okay well thats all I got time for...I am taking my Blonde Ass to work...


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