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5:21 a.m. - December 02, 2003
Im goin home for Christmas!!!
Sista got me a ticket to OKLAHOMA for Yule!! So here is the dealio....

We aint tellin the units. I am flying in on Tuesday and staying there then Me, Her and Cone are going onver to the Units and I am gonna knock on the door. Holy Crap they are all gonna shit their pants. Its gonna be a hoot. Now all I gotsta do is find a ride to LAX and back.

Sweet little suprise last night...SJ called me. He had been at House Of Blues picking up their tickets for the show saturday night and he called to tell me. I wish he and I could work stuff out to be perfect. Maybe after the Holidays.

Flyboy started moving his shit in last night. Very cool. Now all I gotta do is round up Cyclops to pay for the december rent.

I think my cell phone may be giving me ear cancer. My ear HURTS where my ear piece goes in.

Do I need to shop for christmas? I think I may pick up a few silly things and take them and ship them. That way I dont look like an ASS.

Okay I gotta go get ready for work...UGH..I am putting up the Yule Decor tonight tho..


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