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5:07 a.m. - December 03, 2003
Yammer about Nada
I wanna start my own biz...and simply cuz I havent copyrighted the idea I cant write waht it is..HOWEVER I can say that Britt wants to do it with me.

See SJ and I had talked about it sometime ago..then he got me all fired up yesterday AGAIN. He called and IM'd me and I went to Britts and picked up some info on Grants and we are into phase one. I think it scared him when we told him we were gonna run with this and if he wanted in it was for the long haul...PERIOD...we shall see.

I am so excited about my trip to OKC for Christmas. I have so much to do before then tho, shopping, pay bills, make sure all my shit is together and show Syovar how to take care of the burds the RIGHT way. I asked him to let them out and he didnt even turn a light on. Sometimes people just dont think ya know? I am a little over protective about my babies.

I have definately decided that when I get back from OKC I am leaving my current job. I am sick of it..I dont get it AND the air is so horrible. I need a good fun place to work.

Okay I am off for shower and straight to hell to work with Moc who is pissy cuz he is sick and Slave Driver who makes you think that your job is in jeopardy. Whoopie!

I think I'll put the tree up tonight.



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