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5:11 a.m. - December 04, 2003
Isnt it odd, how days and nights, can go from boring to a blast in a second?

Here is the 411...I get this email from this cat a few days back on American Singles...He's 40 blah blah blah..kinda cute pic. Not DDG but aight. So I responded with my regular email, and he wrote...I sent him pics...he writes back he isnt interested cuz I gots the tattoos...I write back that its ashamed he is so narrow...he writes back okay sorry lets talk. So he calls.

We are on the tele last night hitting it off uber-good and outta no where he is like...wanna meet for a drink? DUDE I am in the jams..but aight...I change we meet at Habana...and Ill be damned if we didnt hit it off...WELL I think we did...cuz I think we are supposed to go out tonight. He comes back tonight...HUGE DATEABILITY POTENTIAL. Fucker kisses soooooo good. He came over..left at 2am. I am so damned tired...I am gonna hafta get a redbull this am. I am gonna get ready now but I tell ya if he calls I will write when I get to work...We will call him Reeky.

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