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5:47 a.m. - December 05, 2003
2 Dates? 2 Days? Same Guy? WTF?
Well thank you fuckin computer for losing what I just wrote. I hate that with a purple passion. SERIOUSLY!!!

I went out on date TWO with Reeky last night. I cant recall the last time I had 2 dates in 2 days with the same guy. He is pretty cool. we went to Haus of Pizza (I asked him to dinner...cuz you know thats what I do). He was pissy cuz he was tared and had a crappy day...I figger..he just needed a good dinner...some chianti and a good blow job....I was right.

He is going to San Diego to see fam this weekend. Well Saturday night anyway. So it kinda leaves me to do what I had planned anyway. I dont guess I need to go on 3 dates in 3 days. I do like him tho.

So this weekend looks like it may shape up to be fun. I am going to see SJ tonight at Silkys and then tomorrow at House of Blues. Then of course sunday is Foo Ball at Corner Office.

Next Tuesday Britt and SJ and I have our 'kick off' biz meeting for our biz. I am pretty excited cuz if we can pull this off it'll be awesome...and it isnt cuz I wanna hang out or get closer to SJ...its having my own bar...FINALLY...

Okay I am gonna go clean up and get outta here...I will write more later...OF COURSE...


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