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9:53 a.m. - December 06, 2003
Dancin With Mahself
I saw a fuckin he-larious website yesterday. Got me back into this silliness that had been absent from mah head.

So fer those of ya that are into the warped side of brain fun here ya have it...


So last night went out to see SJ play..he is a deeeelite. Its so funnee to me that when I ignore him he calls and IM's me and when I want him...Hes not avail. The guy is an enigma.

I didnt hear from Reeky last night. I thought he might show up at Silkys but naw. Musta gon one down to Sandy Eggo early. I will see if he calls or not. If not...No big...too bad, but no big. He hasnt reely been around long enuf to matter...YET.

So tonight I am going to House of Blues I think to see SJ and the boys play. WHOOPIE. I could prolly enjoy staying home but, I said I would go..I am not drinking tonight tho. I amy stay home. Lord knows I need to, but I never been to this place so Imma go.

Well for the day I am gonna walk...then imma go dig crap outta the geeraj...finish the xmas decors and nap a bit. No nationwide tour but hell...Its mah life!

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