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5:04 a.m. - December 08, 2003
Aching Back and The Vikes Win!
Mah back is killin me. I think I was in bed too long. No not sexin up just layin around like a big ass slob.

So lemme do a couple of days recappers here.

Saturday night I went with the posse to House of Blues to see SJ play. Damn now they really looked like rock stars. They rocked the house. It was just too bad they played so late. I think I split around 1:30. I didnt even talk to SJ. Funny thing is that Soy Boy and his SO showed up. I love him. We had a pretty good time.

Yesterday Soy boy and I went to Corner Office for some football. VIKES kicked the pants off the Seahawks..It was pure delight!!! SJ called a few times of course. Then Stupid guy showed up. Yea Eric the one from Thanksgivng and the one I took home from there a few weeks ago. He is an arrogant ass...I told him I had called, he said he didnt get the message (bullshit I say) then I said I was gonna call back but didnt wanna come across as "needy" and I figgered he was ignoring me. (I was just callin to chat him up..he is okay in the sack but nothing phenominal AND he is a little hairy for my taste) Then HE said.."I told you I was sorta seein someone" OH FOR THE SAKE OF ALL THAT YOU DEEM HOLY!!! Thats it...No more. So I sent out a text message via phone to all my friends that he was REALLY REALLY stupid and I wouldnt be fucking him again..then at the end I put..."this has been a public service announcement". Goddamned wish washy player scuz...I didnt..NO wouldnt date him seriously...he's gotta be cool among his ASSociates. Retard.

Reeky called a couple of times last night. He is cool. he took his kid out last night and put the tree up with her. Maybe I can see him tonight. I would really like to. For some reason I cant get enuf of this guy. He KNOWS how to work me. I am really ready to chill on the dating. Maybe he is too. That would be AWESOME!!!

Gonna lay low this week cuz I am tired. Maybe I will see Reeky and I know SJ plays twice this weekend. I for sure will go to Hurricanes. Not so sure about Taps. And I have decided enuf already on the drinking. Its gettin old.

There is another possible 'date' out there too but not worth mentioning til I get to it ya know?

Oh and now for the most dumbest...I was pulling stuff outta the geeraj the other day and when I came around the side ofthe house I heard a woodpecker up in the pine tree. Now you NEVER hear that out her so I looked up to see what kinda woodpecker it was. My legs did not want me to look up and they just turned to mush under me. I fell right down on my knees then my ass. FUCKIN IDIOT. I rolled around on the grass and sidewalk like an amputee. What the hell is up with THAT? Believe me tho..there will be NO MORE peerin up into trees EVER.

Okay wells I guessin I be needin to get it all together. SHIIIIIT. Caio

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