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5:07 a.m. - December 11, 2003
Runnin Amuck
Thursday...will this week ever end? I did something great last night. I went to Habana and I didnt get hammered...AND...I went out with Kurt and didnt bring him home. WOW huh?

Naw seriously tho..he is a nice guy...but I did have Rick on the Brain bad. But since he has the busy week I am fillin my time with distractions...LIKE:

Kurt, Phil, SJ, Plastic Surgery, New biz, Sleep.

I am meeting SJ and Britt tonight...Should be good. I need to call her. I am having such a time shuffling peole around. YIKES.

Thinkin more on the boob job still. The doctors office called me yesterday but the patient co-ordinator was at lunch and didnt call me back. SO I am gonna go in for a consultation and see what I think.I am not making any decisions. The general consensus say dont do it. Fuck I dont know.

In the mean time I gotta figger out what I wanna do this weekend. Such hard decisions.

I think I should start a count down to dayz til I go to the Armpit...lets see today is the 11th so its 12 dayz...whooo hooo..I cant wait...Sis called last night from a bar with a bunch of guys that she wants me to meet when I come home. She is a nut.

Okay well I may let this Phil guy take me to lunch today. I dunno I am feelin a bit daring...I guess Ill decide after I get showered and see how I look. I do like Kurt. He yaps alot but he is nice and is pretty stable. Good kisser...right now tho I am not making any decisions til after the first.

I am getting the bathroom in the hall remodled. It stinks. Yea it stinks as in a pain in the ass to deal with but what I meant was it really SMELLS. The fuckin maintenance man that was here when I moved in was such a tweeker and he did everything half assed. So there is mildew and bad sheet rock, broken pipes and 1/2 of the walls and all the shower is being replaced. YIKES! But I do know that this isnt really a bad thing as it will make my house much betta. After the first I wanna replace the floors in both bathrooms and hit the land lord up for new carpet and repaint all the walls. I love projects...Home Depot here I come.

Off to shower...caio

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